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Low Order Minimums + Free Shipping at $750
Low Order Minimums + Free Shipping at $750

MAP Policy

What is a MAP Policy?

A minimum advertised price policy, or MAP policy, is a pricing agreement between a manufacturer or brand and its resellers to not advertise the price of a specific product below a predetermined price. These MAP policies benefit all parties, from manufacturers to distributors and retailers.

What are the benefits of a MAP policy?

MAP policies benefit all parties involved, including the brand owner, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The advantages of implementing MAP pricing policy are clear. The benefits include: 

  • Preventing price wars
  • Avoiding loss-leader products
  • Keeping competitive
  • Cutting poor performers
  • Remaining attractive to physical stores

What items have a MAP policy?

Some product SKUs do have MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policies that are enforced by the manufacturer. Our product data feed details MAP pricing should they apply. We update our product data weekly based on what the manufacturer provides us as their distributor. Use our product data file to remain compliant with manufacturer MAP requirements. Some manufacturers may require you to get approval to resell their products. We recommend dealing with the manufacturers directly to become an authorized reseller if needed.

Penalties for advertising below MAP

We require you follow these MAP policies to avoid policy violations and account termination. If a manufacturer contacts your business regarding a MAP policy violation you must fix the violation immediately and inform the manufacturer to avoid a cease and desist. If a MAP policy is in constant violation your company may be put on a Do Not Sell List by the manufacturer preventing us from selling that brand to your business until you are compliant. Blocks on your account can be removed if the manufacturer removes your business from the Do Not Sell List or if you provide written approval by the manufacturer to resume selling. If your account is in constant MAP violation we reserve the right to terminate your account.


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