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LeeMarPet is now PetWholesaleUSA | Details
LeeMarPet is now PetWholesaleUSA | Details

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Satisfied wholesale pet supply customer.

The huge assortment of pet supplies by top brands is amazing. We were able to expand our pet shop to include more aquarium and reptile supplies. They have everything you need with wholesale prices lower than the competition.

Justin W.

Satisfied repeat wholesale pet supply customer.

We had to find a new pet supply distributor because our current supplier was having stock issues. We couldn't be more impressed with their selection and quick service. We never have backorders and wish we found them sooner.

Kathy E.

Positive review wholesale pet supply customer.

My family opened a local pet store and needed to find a reliable full line pet supply distributor. The friendly & knowledgeable staff was able to get our account set up and answer all our questions. We highly recommend working with them.

Ollie S.

Happy wholesale pet product customer.

The design and layout of this website makes it easy to order online. Their Wishlist and Quick Order tool is a game changer and saves me so much time. Drop shipping is simple and my orders always ship & arrive on time. I love this place!

Jackie T.


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